More South American tour dates confirmed

The following dates for Sonata Arctica’s South American tour in February/March 2008 have been confirmed:

22.02.08 Santiago - Caupolican (Chile)
23.02.08 Valparaiso - El Huevo (Chile)
26.02.08 São Paulo - Citibank Hall (Brazil)
28.02.08 Curitiba - Hellooch (Brazil)
01.03.08 Buenos Aires - Obras (Argentina)
03.03.08 Lima - Stadium Club Lawn Tennis (Peru)

2 shows in Chile confirmed

The first two dates of the upcoming South American tour in 2008 have been confirmed.

22.02. Santiago - Caupolican (Chile)
23.02. Valparaiso - El Huevo (Chile)

More dates will be announced soon.

Venue change in Barcelona & tickets available again!

Sonata Arctica’s show in Barcelona, Spain on November 17th has been moved to a bigger venue ‘Razzmatazz I’. This also means that tickets are available again and the show is NOT sold out anymore!

Tickets for North American tour 2008

Tickets for all Sonata Arctica tour dates for February 2008 tour are available through ENTERTHEVAULT.COM which offers the lowest service fees found anywhere. |

Shows in France sold out: Paris (13.11.) & Lyon (14.11.)

Yet again two shows of the current European tour are sold out. Those are the two shows in France (Paris, 13.11. @ Elysée Montmartre and Lyon, 14.11. @ Transbordeur).

Antwerpen (24.11.) - SOLD OUT

The show in Antwerpen, Belgium @ Hof Ter Lo (24.11.) is also sold out now.

Pratteln (9.11.) & Barcelona (17.11.) SOLD OUT!

Two more shows of the upcoming European tour are sold out. Those shows are Z7 @ Pratteln (Switzerland) on November 9th and Razzmatazz II @ Barcelona (Spain) on November 17th.

Venue change for Oslo show (01.11.2007)

The show in Oslo, Norway on November 1st has been changed to the following venue: Sentrum Scene.

Sonata Arctica -dokumentti esitetään Joensuussa 17.11.

Lauluja pohjoisesta tai muuta sellaista -dokumenttielokuva esitetään Joensuun Rokumentti-festivaaleilla lauantaina 17.11. kello 16:20.
Samassa näytöksessä Zaida Bergrothin ohjaama, palkittu elokuva Heavy Metal.
Näytöspaikkana on Elokuvateatterikeskus Tapio, sali 4, Kauppakatu 27, Joensuu. Lipun hinta 6 , kesto n. 65 (read more)

Show in London @ Electric Ballroom (UK) - Sold out

Sonata Arctica’s show at Electric Ballroom in London, UK (12.11.2007) is officially sold out.

More North American tour dates

The remaining tour dates of Sonata Arctica’s upcoming North American (Support: Visions of Atlantis) tour in February 2008 have been confirmed. Check this link to see the updated list.

Tickets for this tour can be ordered at The Vault.
Furthermore, the dates for a subsequent South American tour will be announced soon.

Show in Tilburg @ 013 (NL) - Sold out

Sonata Arctica’s show at 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands (25.11.2007) is officially sold out. |

Sonata Arctica -dokumentti esitetään Helsingissä 25.9.

Sonata-dokumentti “Lauluja pohjoisesta tai muuta sellaista” esitetään Helsingin Rakkautta & Anarkiaa -festivaaleilla.

Esitys on tiistaina 25.9. klo 16.30 Andorran Koff-sali Dubrovnikissa, Eerikinkatu 11. Ikäraja 18 vuotta.
Kaikki kynnelle kykenevät paikalle!

Second Leg of North American Tour in February 2008

Sonata Arctica are going to do another North American tour in February 2008.
Below you can find the first confirmed tour dates. More dates to follow as soon as possible.

08.02.2008 (CDN) WINNIPEG; MB / West End
09.02.2008 (CDN) REGINA; SK / The Exchange
10.02.2008 (CDN) EDMONTON; AB / Starlite Room
11.02.2008 (CDN) CALGARY; AB / The Warehouse
12.02.2008 (CDN) VANCOUVER; BC / Plaza Club
(read more)

Suomen kiertue joulukuussa / Finnish tour in December

Sonata Arctica kotimaan kiertueelle vuoden viimeisinä päivinä.

Kesän festivaaleilla yleisöä villinnyt Sonata Arctica aloittaa kotimaan kiertueensa tällä kertaa poikkeuksellisesti Ruotsin maaperältä. Haaparannan Aspen-urheiluhalli saa todistaa ensimmäisenä Kemin metallijättien keikkakunnon tapaninpäivänä 26.12. 2007.

Sonata Arctican kaikki studioalbumit ovat myyneet Suomessa kultalevyyn (read more)

Unia documentary / Oulu music video festival

Dokumentti Sonata Arctican levynteosta “Lauluja Pohjoisesta tai muuta sellaista” saa ensi-iltansa Oulun Musiikkivideofestivaaleilla perjantaina 7.9. klo 19. Esityspaikka on NUKU, Hallituskatu 7. Toinen näytös on lauantaina 8.9. klo 17. liput maksavat 4 . Elokuvan pituus on 28 minuuttia.
Website ( Finnish | English)

Official statement concerning Jani

As many already know, our guitarist Jani Liimatainen has been absent from the line-up this spring and summer.

The reason was his messing around with his compulsory military/civil/prison duty, or rather,
complete failure to take care of it.

This matter, and everything that goes with it, caused a split between Jani and the other band members.
This split was impossible to mend without Jani’s help (read more)

Gold for Unia as well!

Even more gold news. Less than 2 months after its release, Sonata Arctica’s new album “Unia” reached Gold status in Finland as well now. That was the fastest Gold award they’ve achieved so far and now the band has 7 Gold records in total.

Gold for Ecliptica

Right after the best of compilation “The Collection” now Sonata Arctica’s debut album “Ecliptica” has also sold gold in Finland. More than 20,000 copies were sold since the release of the album as the gold record limit was higher back then. With this album the band has 6 gold records now.

The Collection sells gold

Sonata Arctica’s best of compilation “The Collection” (2006) recently has archieved Gold status in Finland.

New pictures from Sauna Open Air

A couple of pictures from Sauna Open Air (09.06.) taken by Ane Orue-Etxebarria have been added to the picture gallery.

You can find them here.

European tour 2007 - gig added

Another gig has been added to the schedule of the European tour in November.

26.11.2007 - Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)

Unia charts positions

Here’s a few more Unia charts positions after the first week of its release:

Unia hits #1 on Finnish album charts

One week after its release Sonata Arctica’s new album ‘Unia’ hit #1 on the official Finnish album charts. This is the first time ever one of their albums directly hit the pole position after the first week.

Message from Tony

Iso, lämmin kiitos kaikille teille syntymäpäiväni muistaneille!
Aurinkoista päivää toivotellen,

Big, heartfelt thank you to all you who remembered me on my birthday!
I wish you a sunny day,

Unia previews

Here you can listen to some previews of the upcoming album and watch the ‘Paid in full’ video as well.
Just follow this link.

New Finnish tour diary

A new tour diary about the 4 Finnish gigs can be found here.

Paid in Full hits pole position

Sonata Arctica’s new single ‘Paid in Full’ went straight to #1 on the official Finnish single charts one week after its release.

New live pictures

Some new live pictures from Sonata Arctica’s tour in Finland have been added to the gallery. Check out the pictures from the gigs in Oulu and Tampere.

Paid in Full - Video

Now the video is also available for download in our video section.
The single “Paid in Full” of the upcoming album “Unia” was released in Europe today via Nuclear Blast.